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South Cart Cartridges Review Proves They Are Trash like Dank Vapes

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South Cart Cartridges have no lab test results available proving they are clean and similar to Dank Vapes. We do not encourage the purchase of Dank vapes as its been proven to test dirty for pesticides. The South carts are infringing on the South Park brand, which is a popular animated tv show. They do have an Instagram account with close to 5,000 followers. Currently, disposable cartridges are in high demand across both the legal and illegal cannabis market; this is due to, among other reasons, the convenience they offer for on-the-go vaping. Unfortunately, however, this massive consumer demand has seen too many illicit weed vendors pushing fake cartridges packaged as authentic cartridges into the market. With these devious acts, they are ripping off unsuspecting buyers and endangering their health and well-being. south cart cartridge review

South Carts Vs. Dank Vapes

South Cart Vs Dank Vapes

South Cart cartridges have some similarities with Dank Vapes. Some of these are outlined below:

  • The packaging is similar to that of Dank Vapes.
  • Like Dank Vapes, South Cart cartridges has no website or product information online.
  • Produces copies of Dank Vapes flavors; for example, the Fruity Pebbles flavor.
  • Has an only an Instagram handle as its official web presence, same as Dank Vapes, where they post weird contents that are unrelated to cartridges.
  • There is not enough information on the label about the manufacturer and safety of the product.
  • No lab test results available for South Carts, while Dank has failed lab tests as it has been proved to contain pesticides from lab test results.
  • There is no exact percentage of THC level given on the pack. Dank Vapes, on the other hand, have been found to contain lower THC levels as quoted on the product label.

Fake Cartridges Disrupting the Weed Industry

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Over the past few years, these black marketers have "upped" their game by transforming their once upon a time unappealingly packaged dark oils in plastic-tipped cartridges to golden-colored distillate contained in cartridges with ceramic or metal mouthpieces, packaged to mimic known brands sold in legal markets.

The Chinese manufacturers have also taken advantage of the opportunity to mass-produce and sell empty vapes in "branded" packages to the black-market vendors. These people then fill up the carts with all sorts of substance they can find, as distillate; leading to an increase in the influx and circulation of fake cartridges that most probably contains heavily-cut oils, artificial flavors, synthetic cannabis, and lethal products.

Black Market Has Their Own THC Cartridge Brands

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To compound issues, there is also a growing number of online international counterfeiters who sell large quantities of empty cartridges and packaging which mimic those of some of the industry's well-known and reputable brands. These crop of dealers have perfected their imitation of brands so well that even the legal weed companies being mimicked cannot tell the difference between the real and fake products without conducting lab tests on the oil contained in the cartridges.

Black Market THC Cartridges

The surge of fake cartridges in both the legal and illegal markets, users in the prohibition states are at the mercy of illicit vendors as they are “forced” to take whatever is offered to them. Unlike those in the legal markets who rely on state licensing and results of lab testing regulations on vape products to make informed decisions about what they consume.

As a cannabis user, you should carry out proper research on vape products to learn the features to look out for in identifying the real from the fake, to avoid spending your money on fake products that could harm you.

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