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Starburst Cannabis Strain Review

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September 20, 2019
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starburst strain

The Starburst strain is as good as it sounds. Its lineage is from two well-known California strains, Cookies crossed with Zkittles creates the Starburst strain weed. I was able to grab some from a grower in the bay area who supplies to the dispensaries around here too. Let me tell you this weed strain grown right will provide you with some chunky nugs. These nugs had a few orange hairs but where mostly coated with trichomes. No, this weed strain does not taste or smell like the Starburst candy. However, it smells like some really strong dank, and it's just as potent as its smell.

Starburst Weed Is A Potent Hybrid

starburst weed strain starburst weed

This strain is a good to smoke during the day time. Its Sativa and indica effects are quite balanced, and I found myself productive smoking it. This is the type of cannabis strain that's great after a long day of work and you still got more work left to do at home. It will provide you with the energy boost necessary to get tasks done. However, don’t ever do it, because its Indica properties will get in and you will find yourself having a great nap.

This is a great marijuana strain that should be vaped, but it's still great smoking too. I just recommend a vape because of the control in temperature that allows preserving more of its great flavor. Its strains like the Starburst weed that should be enjoyed by vaping so its amazing taste can be enjoyed to its full potential. There are other strains with a similar name called Pink and Purple Starburst, but we have not tried them yet. It doesn’t look like these other Starburst weed strains are related to the same lineage.

Premium Cannabis Strain

Definitely a top-notch weed strain that we recommend for anyone who wants a premium smoke. This is the type of marijuana that can be seen for sold in the dispensaries for $60 an eighth. I'm lucky to have such great connections that I can avoid that high mark up. Let us know in the comments if you were lucky enough to try out the Starburst weed that originates from California.

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