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Sublime Secret Sauce Cartridge Hybrid Review

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August 13, 2019
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These Sublime Secret Sauce cartridges are some strong houses. This review is on the Hybrid option from this limited edition line. These are live resin sauces, made through butane hash oil extraction from the whole plant only for full-flavor, high-terpene taste. Within this cart form, it is a great way to enjoy the feel of a dab without the hassle of a rig.

sublime sauce cartridge review

Sublime currently has 7,237 Instagram followers, with a link to their website as well as their California Cannabis Manufacturing and Distributing License numbers-- both of which check out on official licensing websites. Which is something I feel not too many pages add to their information, but I enjoy the security I feel as a consumer how willing a brand is to show they are legitimate.

sublime secret sauce cartridge review

With a 69% THC and 0% CBD, it has 346mg total THC in the half gram cartridge. The package clearly states batch numbers, manufacture, packaged, and expiry dates so you will feel secure purchasing knowing all of this information. It is a ceramic CCELL Cartridge and paired with a Brass Knuckles adjustable battery the hits were smooth and the flavor of this Secret Sauce really came through. This bad boy is up there with having one of the tastier hits as far as pen hits go, it is easy to keep hitting one of these all day. The addition of the frosted plastic mouthpiece was a nice touch to the overall experience.

Sublime Secret Sauce Cartridge Review

sublime secret sauce cartridge review

The cart itself felt solid, and the resin inside was a more golden and thicker consistency so be aware of where you’re storing your pen if you want to keep the hits smooth until the very end. It would get just a bit “stuck” near the last legs of my cartridge’s life if I hadn’t hit it in a while. The flavor experience didn’t change however, it tastes just as good at the very end as it did in the beginning. The flavor isn’t a heavy one, but comes in nice and strong good with the aromatics in what I can only describe as woody or earthy notes. I enjoyed it at around 4V, and you can hit it once nice and slow and you’ll be well lit no problem. There’s no need to take many drags to feel its effects with this nice hitter, as well as lasting a good amount of time, it wears off well so it’s easy to forget the last time a hit was taken. It is a nice easy to smoke hybrid with it leaning a little more to the Indica side of effects than Sativa but an overall good time.

Because the website states that this is a limited edition (unknown how limited) the price is on the higher end of the spectrum to match. Sublime is a California based company with a decent amount of retailers all over the state according to their site map. Their regular cartridges have glass mouthpieces as well so it feels more luxurious as well. It is quite pricey for a cartridge though the experience of smoking one justified the steeper price point.

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Give this cartridge a try if you’re feeling like you want to try something a little more luxurious, or if you just want to have a nice portable dab for on the go. Let us know your own Sublime Secret Sauce cartridge review in a comment below, and share your experience with others.

Not the best sauce cartridge around but an affordable one at $28 for a half gram.

Better Than Distillate

Price - $28 half a gram before tax
Lab Test Availability
Cartridge Hit Efficiency

An affordable Sauce option

Not the best sauce cartridge around but an affordable one at $28 for a half gram.

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