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The 15 Best Los Angeles Dispensary Near Me in 2020

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March 3, 2020
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When searching up the best Dispensary near me in LA, you will be bombarded with dispensaries as if you were looking up a Starbucks. Picking and choosing what medical or recreational dispensary can be challenging and most reviews could be deceptive. If you’re in need of an LA dispensary guide then look no further.

1. Empire Twin Palms – Riverside, CA

This recreational dispensary is one you want to visit yourself instead of having weed delivery, it reminds me of a lot of an apple store.  When first entering Empire Twin Palms you immediately notice the giant touch screen tablets displaying information about the product’s THC and CBD percentage, what kind of effects you’ll feel, etc. It’s one of the most organized dispensaries I’ve ever seen so buying my product was quick and informative. First-time customers also get a nice dispensary deal, 10% off your first purchase of a minimum of $25 (Before Taxes). 

2. Cookies – Los Angeles, CA

If you’re worried about bud price then this recreational dispensary isn’t for you. If you’re looking for high THC percentage and top-shelf weed then the Cookies dispensary is a great place to shop from. They don’t have any special deals unless on holidays but their indoor customer service really makes up for it. The budtenders were kind enough to help me find an uplifting and relaxing strain. I took a 1/8th of gorilla glue which was completely frosty and smelled strong. They let customers inspect the buds with a magnifying glass to make sure you get the best bud possible. 


3. Green America – Perris, Ca

This cannabis dispensary has wonderful customer service, an armed guard for your safety, tacos, and free samples.  First-time buyers get $20 off a $100 order which won’t be difficult to cash in since their inventory is huge. The dispensary is clean, the smiling budtenders are very knowledgeable. They also have a prize wheel for returning customers who spend at least $150 so I will definitely have to come back. 

4.Buddha Company – Los Angeles, Ca

The cannabis dispensary offers exceptional customer service and an amazing menu that carries award-winning cannabis, concentrates, edibles, topicals, tinctures, vape cartridges, and CBD Products. They have daily deals based on specific brands and being a first-time customer I was given a free house joint, Thanks, Buddha Co.!

5.STIIIZY– Los Angeles, Ca

When looking up “Recreational dispensary near me”, this dispensary was exactly what I was looking for because of all the premium THC cartridge, vape pen batteries, and edible products they carried. As the name suggests they have a huge selection on Stiizy products as well as, Biiit THC gummies, and the famous Raw Garden brand which was a must grab. The cannabis dispensary itself looks amazing, it’s super fancy, super clean, they have security guards everywhere, and the menu has great prices. They have daily deals at the front and for first-time patients, you get 10% off your entire purchase. The employees are always chilled, have an awesome attitude, and are very knowledgeable about the product. I’ll definitely be coming back to this LA dispensary to stock up on Stiizy and Raw Garden pods. 

6.Project Cannabis – Los Angeles, Ca

They have a first-time customer special which will give you 10% off, daily brand specials, and they have daily Ounce of weed specials. The staff members were professional and gave me a lot of recommendations since I was new in the area. I was told you can always count on the quality of their ounce of weed specials so I got their gorilla glue weed. The bud itself was very frosty with a high Thc level which left me with a great body high. 

7. The JOINT – Santa Ana, Ca

If you’re a college kid with a medical marijuana card then this is the best dispensary to visit. They offer 10% off for both military/veterans and students with ID. Their daily specials are something you need to look out for since they can reach up to 50% off certain brands. I highly recommend them for weed delivery since they respond almost instantly unlike many dispensaries I use. 

8.Mr. Nice Guy OC –  Santa Ana, Ca

The employees really make the experience for this cannabis dispensary. They informed me of their huge amount of discounts like first-time patients get 10% off their first marijuana purchase, referrals will give both of you 15% off, veterans receive 25% off, retired firefighters, and police officers receive 20% off. The prices may be a bit high but the weed quality greatly makes up for this.

9.Stone Age Farmacy – Los Angeles, Ca

If you’re looking for marijuana plant clones, topicals, and have a medical marijuana card or doctor’s recommendation then this cannabis dispensary is what you’re looking for. They have a great selection of clones and some are even a high CBD strain. They pride themselves in customer service so If you have any problem just send a message and they will respond in no time.

10.Cana Sylmar – Sylmar, Ca

If you have little time and need something specific, check out this dispensary. I called in early looking for gelato weed which they informed me they had and with special deals. First-time patients get no tax on their first purchase and you get a free bag. Sadly this store only accepts cash so be prepared to take cash out from the bank or at the dispensary’s atm. 

11.CCA California Caregivers Alliance –  Los Angeles, Ca

If you’re looking for new THC vape pen products then I recommend checking out this store. The dispensary has a great selection in vape pen battery and cartridges.  First-time customers get 10% off, get to spin a prize wheel and they even extend a 5% tax reduction to all customers. 

12.NOHO CC – North Hollywood, Ca

If you just want a high-quality 1/8th of bud then stop inside this dispensary. Their website gives you the THC content of almost all of their strains and if it doesn’t then the staff will be more than happy to inform you. The price is not too expensive which comes at a cost of specials. 

13.LA Wonderland Marijuana Dispensary Recreational – Los Angeles, Ca

Their pre-rolls are what drew me into the dispensary. The black mambas are at a very reasonable price and the blue tarantula pre-roll comes with Co2 oil, hash, and kief all rolled in one. Each pre-roll is made to pack a punch with its high levels of THC.  The packaging of the weed is very professional and classy looking. The best part is that veterans and medical marijuana patients receive a 20.5% discount

14.The High Note –  Los Angeles, Ca

This dispensary has some of the best CBD and THC edibles/tinctures. The edibles are stored in a temperature-controlled area and the tinctures go up to 900mg!  If you’re looking for a reason to come back to this store, on your first visit you receive 30% off, on the 2nd you receive 40%, and on the third visit to this dispensary, you will receive half off your purchase! So far this is the best LA dispensary when it comes to deals.

15.WEST CLINIC – Santa Ana, Ca

If you’re big into the concentrates then this is the dispensary for you. They have all the concentrates you can ask for like sauce, shatter, live resin, syringe, crumble, vape pen cartridges, and even diamond sauce. They have a variety of prices from top-shelf diamonds to cheap shatter in case you don’t want to spend too much money. They also have a VIP Member list you can sign up for in-store to receive sale notifications.

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