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The 20 Best Bay Area Dispensary Near Me in 2020

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For a stoner, visiting the bay area is a great place to start expanding your bud knowledge. Living in the bay looking for a recreational or medical marijuana dispensary near me isn’t a challenge but finding a good one is. This article will help those unknown with the bay area’s dispensaries and weed brands.


1. Dr. Greenthumb’s – San Francisco, CA

The atmosphere is great and there’s a coffee shop right next door! Grabbing a nice joint or potent strain then some coffee is a great combo. They like doing special events like bbq on the 4th of July so keep an eye out for these weed events!! Most weed delivery is hit or miss when it comes to cannabis response especially medical marijuana dispensaries since they need to verify a bit more than just your license but with Dr.Greenthumb’s I had no trouble being registered in their system. Not only was it amazingly easy to register in their system but they responded in less than 2 minutes! They have daily weed deals and for first-time customers, they receive 10% off their entire cannabis order.



2. Cookies San Francisco – San Francisco, CA

Located in San Francisco Cookies started from the bay area and grew to become a beloved brand as a strain and as a Dispensary. Walking into the dispensary you feel like you’re in the future with all the sleek furniture and display cases for the flower. They have their edibles in a nice cooled storage area and their flower is nicely displayed out. Their exotic 1/8ths are always a must grab if you need a recommendation.




3. Cookies Oakland – Oakland, CA

Located in Oakland the price at this specific dispensary may be a bit high for their flower but the strains aren’t low quality in any sense, they have a collaboration with Mintz to make 34% THC flower! This cozy little joint is clean and extremely neighborhood friendly. The budtenders are always ready to help you out, transparent, and accommodating like no other. Being close to BART makes this a convenient pit stop for those who use BART for transportation.



4. Hellapaxx – East Bay, CA

This Hayward dispensary is beautiful with a wide selection of both concentrates and flowers. The budtenders at Hellapaxx have proven to be extremely knowledgeable and the dispensary always has a great selection of CBD strains. Their product is top-notch and their weed delivery is quick with an ample amount of customer support. If you’re new then just ask for JT or Matt. They never hesitate to answer any questions that I may have, especially on new products. If you’re looking for a recommendation then go for their cartridges because they hit hard.


5. Frosty Flowers – Hayward, CA

Currently, their website is not up so to find their location and menu you can find it through weed maps. Located in San Mateo this recreational dispensary they have a vast selection of products and I’m happy to say I’ve never been disappointed. They have great deals like 10% off your entire purchase for 1st-time patients and 25% of the famous Cookies brand until supplies last. With frosty nugs well kept inside glass jars, this recreational dispensary cares about their products. They also have fast delivery without the hassle many other dispensaries give you if you don’t care about going inside.


6. MediThrive Cannabis Dispensary & Delivery – San Francisco, CA

If you’re looking for the best cannabis deal then this is the dispensary for you. In-store or for weed delivery show them any San Francisco licensed dispensary or weed delivery advertised “regular menu pricing” (on an identical product and SKU they carry) and they will happily beat that pricing by one dollar. If you want more information on this amazing offer then call 415-562-6334 for the full details on how you can save! The inside of the Dispensary is spotless and the display cases were very nice bringing in a really nice aesthetic to the inside. They have several digital menus on the wall in case you’re looking for something specific. I tested the customer service by asking for a high CBD and low THC strain which to my surprise they knew which strains to recommend immediately. Great experience and great prices at this San Francisco Dispensary.


7. Mission Organic – San Francisco, CA

Filled with an extremely friendly atmosphere this dispensary has competitive prices ranging from $30 to $60 an eighth. While this dispensary doesn’t have any daily deals it still has something for every price range. The only bad thing I can say about this place is the parking availability which is a common thing in San Francisco soo be prepared to scout for parking space when driving here. They have precise ETA for weed delivery if you don’t want the hassle of finding parking.


8. Elevated San Francisco – San Francisco, CA

My favorite thing about this cannabis dispensary is the top-shelf exotic weed they have, tie that in with their flour Friday deals then you got yourself a good haul. They have friendly security which is hard to come by at some dispensaries and the inside is clean. If you are more into edibles then you’ll have fun looking at their cannabis-infused products such as soda infused cannabis drinks, chocolate, mints, and even an assortment of cannabis tea.



9. Airfield Supply Company – San Jose, CA

Walking in you’ll see the spotless interior of the cannabis dispensary with a nice sleek design. Sadly I came towards rush hour so the lines were 30-40 minutes wait, luckily I didn’t have to worry about parking since the place had ample parking spots. If you don’t want to wait at a dispensary line then do an online pickup order and you won’t have to wait in 3 lines when everyone gets off work. If you want to get the full dispensary experience then I recommend going first thing when they open or during lunch break. Personally I have found between the times 9:00 a.m-11:00 a.m is the best time to go.


10. White fire – San Jose, CA

If you’re in the San Jose area and looking for quick customer service at a dispensary near you then I highly recommend White Fire. Be sure to bring in a buddy if you’re going inside to buy weed so you can receive a 20% off card for almost everything in the shop (Exclusions apply). They also have quick weed delivery and if they don’t see what you want on the menu you can call them to ask about a specific item.


11. Natural Herbal Pain Relief – San Jose, CA

This dispensary always has the marijuana and CBD products I’m looking for. Every time I enter the store I’m introduced to new products thanks to their wonderful bud-tenders! I’ve also never had an issue with them running out of stock with my normal purchases such as STIIIZY pods, seeds for my own cannabis planting, and a CBD/THC pre-roll mix. They offer the best deals in San Jose with 20% of your entire purchase on Tuesdays, Fridays, and for the first purchase. In addition to this deal, they offer text message alerts that give you notice of coupons like $10 up to $60 off. 

12. HAZE – San Jose, CA

The bay area has no shortage of amazing cannabis dispensaries to choose from, and the city of San Jose is no exception. They have first-time purchase deals that you can choose from when ordering, 20% off Selected eighths of flower, 20% off Potent Puff, the Glow vape cartridge, or their promo edible for just 10 cents. Thanks to the knowledgeable, attentive staff and ample amount of parking, you’ve got the perfect recreational dispensary for restocking.

13. Ohana Cannabis Co. (Formerly East Bay Therapeutics)

Most dispensary experiences are just an in and out experience with good customer service but Ohana Cannabis Co. is a cut above the rest. They offer VIP amenities like a Taste Bar, onsite consumption, a nice place to relax, and weekend events! Every Saturday you can come into the Ohana Cannabis Co. dispensary to learn about Cannabis-Nutrition, get a Cannabis Massage, cooking classes, and enjoy sports events on their 160″ UHD TV. If you’re a person who loves deals, they have in store services like deals on in-store on products, offer to price match with a 5% discount, a loyalty program that earns you 10% or $10 off every 5 orders, and a First-time Buyers a Discount! On top of all these discounts, they also offer free weed delivery! It would be a huge mistake to drive past this store if you’re ever in the area because this is one of the best dispensaries you can find in the east bay.

14. Smoakland – Oakland, CA

This Oakland recreational dispensary is one where you want to either spend big or go home. Smoakland always has a cartridge and an ounce of weed specials which are really hard to pass up. Last time I bought weed from the dispensary I bought their puff puff pass deal which contained two half ounces of weed, 1 gram of shatter, and a Fader cartridge all for $99 (tax not included). For the first time customers who order online and Receive 6 Faderz Vape cartridges for $60 + Tax when they text FADERZ at checkout! I don’t bother looking at much besides the deals which don’t lack in either quality or amount but when I do the customer service is top-notch and they never sold me low-quality weed. They also have the first legal weed sesh in Oakland which offers raffles, marijuana, entertainment, and food!

15. The 1 Delivery Service – Concord, CA

With proposition 64 in order, Dispensaries have gotten away with charging $88 for a 1/8th of mid-grade cannabis. This concord dispensary is a breath of fresh air because you can walk in and see them selling classic strains top shelf strains like gorilla glue and blue dream for only $30-$35 an 1/8th. They also make sure to keep STIIIZY pods in stock unlike most dispensaries and they have a large variety of strains. Not only has The 1 delivery service provided excellent service for years upon years but their prices are definitely one of the best in town so if you have time please stop and shop here.

16. Harborside – Oakland, CA

From Oakland to San Jose Harborside dispensary gives you the feeling of a grocery store thanks to their wonderful consultants, taste room, cleanliness, and you can pick up what you want besides bud like it was a normal store. They have a huge selection of award-winning flowers, concentrates, edibles, and other cannabis products from California’s most respected growers and manufacturers. I entered the tasting room to see what it’s about and the moment I went inside I was greeted by an employee who offered to show me the dab device Puffco. They showed me the Puffco dab rig, how to operate it, a test, and even held onto my items so I can go around the store to buy some shatter. Great experience overall and a must-visit if you want to make sure your products and devices are up to your standards before buying. 

17. The Peoples Remedy – Modesto, CA

If you’re someone who likes using weed delivery often but wants to try to go in-store then The Peoples Remedy is a perfect fit. They really help cater to those who have anxiety issues and will help you with the buying process. The best part about the dispensary has to be the number of edibles offered like a cannabis-infused tincture, high THC oil, chocolate, THC gummies, soda, and even cannabis-infused wine. First-time buyers receive 15% off their purchase and they also have happy hours from Monday to Thursday at 11 AM-3 PM which offers 10-20% OFF.

18. Barbary Coast – San Francisco, CA

This San Francisco dispensary is one you definitely want to visit with friends. The dispensary is unlike any other thanks to their Dab bar and Lounge. Walking inside it was impossible to ignore the amazing decor, it reminded me of a fancy cigar club with its cozy interior design and leather seats. The front desk introduced us to their specials, gave us flower/wax recommendations based on what we were looking for, offered us their menus, and explained their dab lounge and smoking lounge. At their dab lounge, they offer a top of the line all quartz eNail to consume concentrates that you bought in store. When You want to rest and have your products you can relax at their smoking lounge where you can rent out rigs or just roll a joint and smoke with friends. The only downside of their smoking lounge is that you have a 30 minute limit at the lounge. The Barbary Coast is possibly the fanciest experience I’ve ever had at a dispensary so I highly recommend visiting this store.

19. Bloom Room – San Francisco, CA

For those who want to know everything about their weed-like THC percentage or want to know if it’s safe then Bloom Room is the dispensary for you. This San Francisco dispensary offers potency data on all available cannabinoids: THC, CBD, CBN, CBC, THCV, and CBG. They also screen for chemical residues like pesticides or solvents to make sure that it doesn’t have mold or bacteria. Buying from Bloom Room you are guaranteed potency and safety with your products which is good since a lot of THC cartridge brands have been testing positive for pesticides and vitamin E acetate.

20. Cannabis Buyers’ Club – Berkeley, CA

I never have to wait too long when I pick up weed at the dispensary and when it comes to customer service you will always hear one name mentioned countless times by customers and that’s Curtis. This employee really goes above and beyond in terms of friendliness and helpfulness. He’s extremely knowledgeable and will answer all your questions so come in with a lot. 

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