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Top 10 Best Rolling Trays For Weed In 2019

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Rolling trays have become a popular product used for rolling. People often had to improvise to roll their cannabis or joint which would cause a mess most of the time. Fortunately, a lot of companies and individuals are starting to create their own rolling trays for sale and below we have listed some of the most popular trays. Rolling trays can be used for a range of purposes, including for storage, compartmentalization of rolling accessories, for light or simply just for a flat surface. Luckily, there are rolling trays for just one of those purposes or for all of those purposes and we have included some below with as much detail as possible to ease your search for rolling trays.

1. Raw Rolling Trays For Weed

raw classic rolling tray

The Raw Rolling Trays are exceptional and inexpsenive making them one of the best choices on our list. These weed rolling trays come in many different designs and are available for cheap on eBay. There are many different deals that include accessories, raw rolling papers, and a roller to help those who haven’t mastered the skill of rolling. Other deals include brown tips that prevent your filter from getting into your mouth. Like any good rolling tray the raw rolling tray has curved sides to prevent weed from getting stuck, and it makes it much easier to scoop it out right into your joint, blunt, dutch, etc.

The raw rolling tray will last you a while thanks to it being metallic so there’s no need to worry when it gets tossed around. While the rolling tray may be large it’s still transportable for on the go rolling or when you need to store it in a discrete area. With all the accessories the rolling tray comes out to be $19.99 + $1.49(shipping) + $1.65(tax) = $23.13(total), this is quite inexpensive for everything it comes with but if you’re just looking for a tray and not a beginner rolling tray kit then this raw rolling tray kit is not for you.

2. Small & Large Bamboo Rolling Tray with Cutouts by Verdant

The Verdant Bamboo Rolling Tray is made out of high-quality bamboo that is smooth to the touch. It has had all four corners rounded off to let you grab your grounded up weed with ease, and it’s em-blazed with the Verdant logo. The weed rolling tray has three different sections that separate your weed, where you roll, and a place to put your finished joints making the rolling process much less messy. The rolling tray can also be easily cleaned if necessary by wiping it with a cloth. It comes with foam grips on the bottom to prevent slipping while rolling so no need to worry about making a mess. It also comes with a 1-year warranty in case your tray gets damaged or something else occurs to it that results in its unusability. The tray itself is quite inexpensive and it comes in two different sizes:

Small Bamboo Rolling Tray

small wood rolling tray

Cost: $12.99 + tax

Large Bamboo Rolling Tray

large wood rolling tray

Cost: $17.99 + tax

3. Triple Flip Bamboo Magnetic Folding Rolling Tray By Raw Papers

raw triple flip rolling tray

This rolling tray has three sections connected by magnets so you can reconfigure them into a tray or into a closed box. The raw rolling tray has a slot for your grinder, a slot for you to grind weed, a small/large scooper to get every piece of weed, holes to hold your cones, a long/short slot just for rolling, big holes for clipper lighters, and a metallic slot so you can ash your joint. If you are an organized stoner, this is a must-have rolling tray. The only problem with this tray is that some of these raw rolling trays have problems with sturdiness because some of the magnets are not very strong so it will give in and dump your whole grinder pile in your lap.

best rolling tray for cannabis

I recommend not trying to use it as a lap tray or do not use it with all the pieces connected unless you want a mess on your hands. Another thing that may deter some stoners is its price tag which sits at $89.99 + tax. This may sound expensive because of its flaws but it comes structured to hold and compartmentalize the objects being used to roll.

4. Glow Tray

glow tray white runtz

If you’re just looking for a cool looking rolling tray without all those extra accessories then the Glow Tray is for you. The Glow Tray comes in purple with the word Runtz going across the tray and blue/red with the brand Cookies across the rolling tray. What separates this brand from others is how the sides and the letters light up which lets you roll with ease during the night time. The battery life is 6 hours and it comes with a USB-C charging cable. It is priced at $74.99 but this tray is unique to all others since you will not have to worry about the lighting at the location or time you decide to roll at.

5. Elements Rolling Tray

elements rolling tray

The Elements Rolling trays are nice and sturdy with rounded edges for easy scooping. This metal rolling tray kit comes with many different deals on Amazon.com that include with tips, king-size rolling paper, a rolling machine to make rolling joints easier/quicker, and a clipper lighter. While this seems like a standard rolling tray kit, it is a great gift for someone who is new to smoking weed and its at a great price of $18.99+tax.

6. Raw Weed Rolling Tray With Papers And Clipper Ligter

raw rolling tray for weed

The raw Paper collections tray focuses more on the bundle instead of the tray itself so if you are looking to get a good deal on raw rolling products with a nice raw rolling tray then this is the deal you want to check out. The Raw rolling tray is metallic with rounded edges and their logo plastered across the tray. The rolling tray kit comes with normal/wide tips, papers for rolling, rolling machines, and clipper lighters. With a $35.99+tax price tag, this deal is hard to pass up.

7. RAW Weed Rolling Tray

raw aluminum rolling tray

If you just want to get an average rolling tray with a nice design, then look no further. Raw metallic rolling trays have curved edges and stylistic designs, one that includes of a girl in a bikini in the background with the Raw logo. It is also quite cheap 7X11 rolling tray with a $10.97 price tag.

8. Zig-Zag Metal Rolling Tray

zig zag rolling tray

This medium-sized (7X11) metallic rolling tray comes with a nice orange and white background or green and white background with a hipster smoking a joint next to the name "Zig-Zag". You could fit rolling papers, cones, and filters. This is another inexpensive rolling tray that comes at a price of $11.00.

9. Cookies SF Custom Rolling Tray

cookies weed rolling tray cookies rolling tray

This plastic Cookies Rolling Tray is 6.4X12.5 and comes in red. What makes this custom rolling tray shine is the price of $29.99 and the way it is built. It comes with a detachable ashtray on the right in case you want to pass it around or take it with you, holes to place your cones into, papers slots on the left which keeps them handy & out of the way, a big hole in the bottom right for your clipper lighter, and the main tray that is great for loose herb & gives plenty of room to get both hands in & roll. If you’re looking for an inexpensive version of the RAW "Triple Flip" Bamboo rolling tray then this is perfect for you.

10. Back Flip Raw Rolling Tray With 2 Piece Magnetic Connection

raw rolling tray for weed

This raw rolling tray is the smaller and cheaper version of the RAW "Triple Flip" Bamboo rolling tray. This raw rolling tray comes with magnetic pins to help connect and close the two parts into a box. The bottom portion is spacious so you can roll out all your weed. The top portion contains a circular groove that can hold your grinder, two long grooves for a lighter and joints, holes to keep your joints and cones held straight up, and a scoop to grab all those nuggs. Thanks to its small size the magnets hold this tray together great but while this is a great raw rolling tray, it is not very good for storing things if that is what you expect to use it for. What did you think of our list of the best rolling trays for weed? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!

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