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Not every cannabis laboratory is like ​Harrens lab​, which is state-licensed. The ​Bureau of Cannabis Control​ has strict requirements for any cannabis products being sold in California. Harrens Lab can help with California Cannabis compliance testing with accurate results. They provide ​cannabis lab testing​ in the Bay Area, and they are conveniently located in Hayward. They are in the center of the Bay, known as the Heart of the Bay.

This lab provided us with a lab test for cannabinoids and pesticides on the ​Silver Back Moon Rocks Clear cartridge​. The drop off was easy, and very educational. Luckily, our home base is in Hayward California too, so the trip did not take more than 10 minutes to arrive at this laboratory. We had a warm welcome from the CEO Ming Lee, who educated us the types of lab testing he has available for cannabis. After 3 days, we received the lab test results promptly via email. We were impressed that the cannabinoids were indeed 90% for the silver back clear cart

we tested. However, the pesticides were also extremely high testing positive and extremely beyond the legal limit for multiple types.

We will continue to do business with this lab because of its fast turnaround time and lab test results we can be confident in being accurate. We encourage any cannabis company who needs accurate cannabis lab testing to reach out to this lab in the Bay Area. Especially after there has been ​laboratories being sued for inaccurate lab test results​. In fact, these inaccurate lab test results caused a massive recall on cannabis products worth tens of thousands of dollars.

California Cannabis Compliance Testing

Test your cannabis, THC oil, or edibles with this state accredited lab for accurate results. Turn around times vary, but are typically within a few days. We decided to get a THC oil cartridge lab tested by Harrens Laboratory. We stopped by their lab in Hayward, and was given a tour of their impressive lab. They provided us with a lot of knowledge about cannabis lab testing, and we left with a much higher compression than when we came in.

Cannabis Lab Testing Services:

  • ●  Cannabinoids – Measures the amount of cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that measure THC potency. We were able to learn that the Silverback clear cart we tested had 90% THC because it measured at 90% cannabinoids.
  • ●  Pesticides – You do not want to smoke whats sprayed on cannabis to kill pesticides.
  • ●  Residual Solvents – An example of solvents include but is not limited to butante, Ethanol,

    propane and more.

  • ●  Microbial Impurities – You do not want to be smoking mold, yeast, or other types of

    bacteria. Its mandatory to ensure your not selling contaminated cannabis in California.

  • ●  Foreign Material
  • ●  Terpenoids – Identify the types of terpenoids to help your customers make educated

    purchases and understand more about the effects of their cannabis products.

  • ●  Mycotoxins – Molds and Fungi.
  • ●  Heavy Metals You do not want lead to be in any of your cannabis oil. We can test

    cartridges for heavy metals to avoid them from contaminated your cannabis oil.

  • ●  Water Activity – Make sure your cannabis does not have water damage.


    Harrens Lab is located at 3507 Breakwater Ave, Hayward, CA.94545. Their telephone number is 510-887-8885. Let them know you saw them on cannabisthrives.com for a one time promotional rate on your first cannabis lab test.

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