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Vaping Causes 6 Deaths And Hundreds of Hospitalizations

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If you have not already heard, there has been an alarming amount of people who have died and been hospitalized because of vape cartridges. The outbreak started September 6th and so far today there has been 6 deaths and over 400 hospitalizations within 33 states. This is according to the CDC (Centers For Disease Control And Prevention) in a press release that can be found on their website. They are claiming that as of now there is not a single product causing all of these lung-related illnesses.

Unfortunately, some of these deaths have been linked to vaping prefilled cannabis oil cartridges purchased from the streets. We have been writing about street brand cartridges for over a year now and spreading awareness of them not being clean and potentially dangerous. There has been companies exposed who are selling a thickener for cannabis oil, health officials in New York are not thinking this may be linked to 34 patience illness in New York.

What Are Street Branded Cartridges?

street brand thc vape cartridges

Basically, a street brand cartridge is whats suspected that's causing any illness related to a THC oil cartridge. These are cartridges that are not sold in a dispensary or delivery service with the proper licenses, instead they are being sold illegal by people without any licenses. There is too much evidence available now proving cartridges purchased outside of licensed dispensaries are likely to be contaminated. We wrote a more detailed article on how the illegal cannabis oil carts are disrupting the legal cartridges by confusing people with counterfeits.

Vitamin E Acetate Inside Of Street Cartridges

Criminals are increasing their profits by mixing Vitamin E Acetate which looks a lot like cannabis extracted oil. New York city is experiencing illness because of street branded THC oil cartridges being sold with vitamin E acetate, at least that's what their high officials believe is the best theory. According to the New York State health commissioner, that's currently their best theory or hypothesis. Three companies selling diluentent for cannabis oil have been subpoenaed. The company Massterpenes.com has since removed the dilutent they were selling completely from their website.

mass terpenes vitamin e dilute floraplex terpenes
  • Mass Terpenes - Massachusetts based company
  • Honey Cut - Santa Monica
  • Floraplex Terpenes - Manufactured in Michigan

Oregon Man Dies From Vaping

People are freaking out because one of the most recent deaths was an Oregon man who purchased his THC cartridge from a dispensary. We couldn’t find any information on the dispensary or brand of the THC oil cartridge purchased. However, there is also no information on whether this person was vaping street brand carts too.

Another Oregon Man Almost Dies From Vaping E-Juice

Another man was hospitalized in Oregon because of his lungs filling up with e-juice used with nicotine. He was put into an induced coma for a few days before almost dying. Even the president of the United States has stepped in with a plan to ban e-cigarettes that are sweet or fruity flavored. The American Vaping Association has responded that “a flavor ban does nothing to stop drug dealers from selling containment THC oil cartridges.” We completely agree with the American Vaping Association with their response and can only encourage our readers to stop buying unlicensed THC cartridges.

Vaping Death From Lung Disease In Kansas Reported September 10 2019

Kanas has their first vaping related death with a man over 50 years old and with previous health problems. The Kansas health officials are claiming this death is apart of the outbreak of serious lung disease related to vaping. Unfortunately, there is no information available on the type of vaporizer the deceased was using that caused his death.

Well Known Street Brand Cartridges & Counterfeits

Before the awake of the mainstream media finally exposing the truth behind the street cartridges. We have already been keeping track of street brand carts and counterfeits, view the list here of the most popular well-known street brand cartridges. Do not buy any of these prefilled cannabis oil carts even if they are available at a dispensary or weed delivery service.

It's important to be careful on who you buy your cannabis oil carts from, there are illegal dispensaries and delivery services operating as the real thing and even charging taxes to further legitimize them. Weedmaps was recently under fire by US attorneys to clean their directory and ensure everyone has the proper licenses. Weedmaps charges some really high prices to be on their platform, the starting list price is $300, and other features such as paying for a higher position on their directory can cost up to $6,000 a month. They are banking it off the illegal cannabis market paying these ridiculous amounts because they must be making a killing.

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