Wax Vaporizer Review

The wax pen has evolved again with the new QCELL GT800 Box Mod and Model X2 dab cartridge. The phrase dab pen is now truer than ever with this device, the mouthpiece of the cartridge has a dab tool attached. There is a circular quartz glass inside of the Model X2 cartridge that has titanium wire wrapped inside of it that heats it up. I underestimated this dab pen setup because of its size. The hits from this wax pen proved my skepticism about its capabilities wrong.

Their official Instagram page is @QCELLOFFICIAL. They currently have 1950 followers, but we are sure that will change once more people become aware of it.

QCELL Cartridge Review (Model X2)

Inside QCELL cartridge

I used CO2 extracted shatter to test out the QCELL GT800 with the Model X2. The shatter came sponsored by the Cobra Extracts brand in California which we are very thankful for allowing us to review their products. I tried the Pie Hole strain with the new QCELL technology and was blown away by the flavor. There really is a significant difference when it comes to other dab pens using the typical ceramic material as a heating chamber for cannabis extracts, quartz is much more flavorful.

It was quite easy to use the mouthpiece as a dab tool and add the shatter into the QCELL cartridge. I was pleasantly surprised by how fast the Quartz glass heated up and quickly vaporized the shatter into huge clouds. The hits were quite wonderful and I can see myself using this as my go-to portable dab pen. The cartridge magnetically connects to the GT800 box mod battery, a similar feature can be found with the CCELL palm.

QCELL review

This company suggests the use of live resin or top shelf sauces for the best experience. I could see why with the amazing flavor I got from vaping shatter with it. This is highly recommended for those flavor chasers. I really liked how smooth this wax pen hit, there was absolutely no throat burning. Also known as the 510 extract tank, I highly recommend this portable wax vaporizer. The QCELL cartridge can also work with other 510 thread connection vape batteries. They also claim on their website lead-free products which is huge during a time companies are being exposed for impurities.


I found only minor issues with this QCELL wax atomizer. The first was titanium wire was exposed to the wax with one of the QCELL wax atomizers I had. We would like to see a better job tucking the metal wire inside of the puroous quartz. I found this issue with only one of the two wax atomizers. Another issue we had was when we held the power button before placing any cannabis extract there was some smoke that didn’t smell good, I didn’t use this wax atomizer. The one didn’t hav ethis problem that we did use.

QCELL GT800 Battery Review

QCELL GT800 review

This battery charges super fast too. Once the battery died on me, I put it on the charger and checked back 30 minutes later to find it was completely charged. The GT800 battery has an aluminum finish which feels name and its size isn’t too small where it can lose easily. This compact vape battery has 800mah of juice that will last enough for plenty of dab hits. Temp control options include 100-300 C and 200-600 F degrees. Wattage control is 1w-20w, making it great for those after low temp dabs and prefilled cartridges. This is a winner among many other inefficient dab pens on the market. I will be purchasing additional QCELL cartridges to vape my cannabis extracts on the go.

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