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When to Harvest Cannabis For Maximum Potency and Yield

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Growing cannabis has a lot of steps involved, harvesting is one of the last steps. It's important to adequately harvest cannabis when it's ready for optimal yields and potency. Our expert cannabis grower friends at ilovegrowingmarijuana.com have an in-depth when to harvest weed guide with pictures that we highly recommend for any beginner grower. They have taken the time to provide our readers with some harvesting marijuana tips.

When To Harvest Weed

when to harvest marijuana

There are physical changes to the cannabis plant that will occur when it's time to harvest marijuana. The first signs is a color change with the cannabis pistils to red. A clear indication that its time to harvest is the leaves will turn yellow too. Also, the cannabis resin will start to brown and darken. The time it takes for Sativa and Indica strains differ and should be taken into consideration before starting your grow. The Indica dominant strains are ready to harvest just after 8 weeks while Sativa dominant strains take an extra two weeks on average. Auto following options will also take 10 weeks from seed to its harvest time.

How To Harvest Cannabis

when to harvest cannabis

We recommend leaving the cannabis in the dark for 48 hours prior to cutting down. This avoids the THC from breaking down and improves the quality of the cannabis. Harvesting weed requires cutting the plant down and hanging the buds to dry in a dark room. It's important to keep in a dry place without any light reaching the cannabis while it dries. Avoid high heat temperatures and wind along with high humidity to avoid any bud rot issues. Humanity should be around 50%, and with a nice cool temperature at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stems will no longer bend and break apart easily when it's ready to cure. Another indication to cure is the leafs will become crisp and break apart easily.


Get ready to pull out some trimmers and start cutting the leaves around the bud. The key is to remove as much cannabis leaves as possible without cutting any of the bud. In case you do cut any parts of the buds along with leaves coated with trichomes, they can later be turned into cannabis butter. Also known as the sugar leafs, they can be turned into hash too by using a cold water extraction method or butane. Now there are more extraction methods such as distillate and CO2 as other options available for making hash.


Curing your cannabis adequately is crucial for good tasting cannabis with potency. Place your cannabis into mason jars to properly cure them, or plastic bags will work fine too. During this time the cannabis plant will use up any remaining sugars and starches. It's important to place the curing cannabis in a cool and dark location for optimal curing. The first days of curing does require opening the bag or mason jars multiple times a day to release gases and help remove excessive moisture.

Read the full when to harvest cannabis guide at ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/harvesting.

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